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Forgetful River

Forgetful River reminds you to tweet. It's a chrome extenson that reminds you to tweet randomly every 3-4 hours. It's built in javascript and has a PHP backend running a mysql database. The extension tracks each website you visit and grades them based on how tweetable each link is.


Darren Nix started statlogger at a hackathon in 2014. I quickly became an avid user and used statlogger to track my weight. When Darren said he was going to close Statlogger, I decided to take it over. Statlogger is built on Rails, is hosted on Heroku and has a Postgres backend. There's also Amazon s3 and Twilio integration.

Blog for a Law Firm

Ballin & Associates LLC approached us and asked us to build a custom blog to go along with their Corporate Website. We customized an existing Wordpress theme and added MailChimp email newsletter integration, custom external RSS feed integration, and jQuery customizations in order to meet their marketing goals.

Ranking Slash Chrome Extension

The Ranking Slash chrome extension is a fully custom javascript chrome extension built for the chrome browser. It integrates fantasy football leagues with expert fantasy football projections to make it easier for fantasy players to set their weekly lineups quickly.

Pavan Katepalli from called on me to build the backend for his crowdsourced linkbuilding platform. The backend was built with PHP and MySQL without a framework.


Mike York asked me to build the front end and backend for his flash sales application. The website was built with Ruby on Rails and Postgres on Heroku.

What People Are Saying

“Bob's a pro. Work with him and your project will look good and your code will too. He's not just a coder but an entrepreneur, so you get great advice along with the coding.”

Pavan Katepalli Co-Founder, inrTracker

“Bob Cavezza was the only developer on a large, complex project were building for a well-known client. Bob was professional, friendly, and communicative throughout the entire process and I anticipate working with him again at the very next opportunity. Five stars.”

Jesse Waites Author, Secrets of My App Success

“What I liked most about working with Bob was his patience and his ability to help me figure out what I needed. Often I hear people say "oh, I know what I want, I just need a developer to built it". That was NOT my case at all. I really needed someone to think out loud with me and help me figure out what I needed. Bob did a great job of helping me get clarity by asking me constructive questions and challenging my assumptions. My project went in a much better direction based on what he asked me, which helped me tremendously!”

Guiseppe Frustaci Principal, InnoVox Marketing






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